Monday, October 31, 2011

Our newest picture book release -- My Big Brother's Birthday by John J. Asher

As more e-book platforms embrace the picture book, we've decided to begin releasing some titles aimed specifically at the iPad and iPhone market. They will also move to the Kindle Fire when the new e-reader is released.

We're very excited about our newest e-book title, My Big Brother's Birthday. John J. Asher is the easier-to-Google pen name for long-time children's illustrator John Jones. He's done illustration work for every major publishing house over his career, and we are thrilled to produce his debut writer/illustrator picture book! Learn more about him on his own web site.

My Big Brother's Birthday is perfect for the harried mom, trying to prepare for an older child's party with a younger child underfoot. Sit them down with your iPhone or iPad and pick up this lovely $2.99 title so they know they aren't being left out on their sibling's big day!

Download a PDF of sample pages HERE.

Find it on the iTunes iBook store by clicking HERE.

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