Sunday, November 1, 2009

About this Blog

Casey Shay Press is a start up independent publishing company based in Austin, Texas.

On my way to starting my own press, I made many mistakes. I was fooled into entering a contest and got a free package to "publish" my book, which will forever live on Amazon with a branded self-published name.

I submitted to publishers and agents books that weren't ready, weren't marketable, and took it very personally when they were rejected, even though there was nothing personal about it.

I did have the great fortune of signing with a wonderful agent years ago, who was exactly the sort of champion for my book that I had hoped for, only to find we couldn't sell that book. (He has since retired.)

Once in business for myself, I made other errors, including paying for things like bar codes, mismanaging shipping options, picking the wrong Pantone color for endsheets, and designing a pretty horrid web site (it's better now.)

The blog is mainly to keep myself organized, to hold all the fleeting thoughts that are hard to get down as you're making a mad dash from acquisition to release day, and hopefully, be some sort of haphazard resource for anyone else crazy enough to enter the world of the small press.

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