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In the Company of Angels

For parents who have lost a baby, a place to record each moment of the pregnancy can be an important part of the healing process.

In this special full-color book, families can document all the details of their time while expecting the baby. Pages with careful prompts allow parents to explore in detail the plans, hopes, and dreams for baby regardless of whether they were only a few weeks along, had a full-term stillbirth, or delivered a baby who lived only a few days or weeks.

Delicate and dreamy photographs of angels decorate the pages with captions that reveal that each image is of a child whose family was touched by loss. This lovely ring-bound book lies flat, includes sonogram pages that may be removed if parents do not have any, and also has a section for memorials and anniversaries.

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The Forever Series

This USA Today bestselling series by Deanna Roy takes you through the lives of couples with tragic pasts, who must find a way to put their tragedies behind them to find the love of their life.


Conversations with Little Dude: A Six-Year-Old's View on Foster Care, Adoption, and the Art of Wearing a Cape

LD: Spittage is gross. S-P-I-T. See, it has spit in the name!
Me: Actually, it’s SPIN-ach. Not spit-age.
LD: Well, it ought to have spit in the name.
Me: Why?
LD: Because I would spit it out!

Welcome to the Dude's Eye View.

Little Dude arrived in his sixth (and final!) foster home at age 4.

He brought with him a wicked sense of humor and a take on the world his foster parents had never heard before.

From his unique perspective, you'll learn
•the logic of lint traps
•the necessity of bribing reindeer
•why Girl Scout cookies are suitable for breakfast, and most of all
•the importance of wearing a cape

Along the way, you’ll see a lost little boy (and his mom!) navigate the emotional and complicated world of adoption from foster care.


Kids Show Kids How to Make Balloon Animals

** Thousands of copies sold to happy kids everywhere.**
** Top 25 Children's Activity Book on Amazon for almost three years.**
** #1 Top Selling Children's Activity Book on Amazon Dec. 2012**

After learning how to make balloon animals at camp, Emily and Elizabeth set out to create the ultimate balloon twist book -- for kids, by kids, with every page in full-color photographs. They left out the complicated designs and twists that required big hands, keeping only the projects that were fun and simple to learn. 

The book starts with seven-year-old Elizabeth's easiest balloon twists and works up to ten-year-old Emily's more advanced two and three-balloon creations. Included are suggestions on how to buy a pump and balloons, as well as warnings for noise-shy twisters who want to know when a part of the project needs extra care to avoid popping the balloon.

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