Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Back in the saddle: A printer to trust

I knew I could publish the book for the price I wanted, but now I wasn't sure who to trust. All the overseas bids I had were low, but provisions in the bids, and most certainly the contracts, scared me to death. This was no small investment, but many thousands of dollars I would be borrowing to cover.

So I posted my first message to the Self-Publishing Yahoo Group. I was barely able to keep up with the posts there, getting only Daily Digests, and even then just reading a few of those (there are often several digests per day.) I knew these people to be helpful and not vicious to newbies. So I let them know I was frightened and asked if anyone had a recommendation.

I got a couple referrals to outfits that I had gotten high bids for in the States. Then, amazingly, three of them all said the same person for overseas work in Hong Kong. I sent off a bid request and hoped this person would get me something I could work with. I no longer cared about the lowball. If the bid came out under $3 a book including freight, I could do it. I'd much rather work with someone who could be trusted for a little more than risk the whole job being botched.

I got the bid back a few days later.

Under $3.

Show time.

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