Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Promoting our first book

Kids Show Kids How to Make Balloon Animals was really a practice book. I wasn't really going to make money on it. With a price tag of $9.99, the most I felt the market would bear for a short book, and 55% going to the bookstores, every bit of the rest went to printing and paying the authors. But I expected we'd sell a few copies here and there, have some fun with it, and it would hang out online as an example of our work.

The problem was the book is full color, which is expensive. But I didn't want to do a big print run overseas. So we planned a few events to sell them locally, thus getting the full price ourselves and at least covering the production costs.

With my connection through the Writers' League of Texas, we got a 2-hour spot at the Texas Book Festival, one of the biggest and best book festivals in the country. That was about all I felt the young authors could handle.

We made balloons of bats and ghosts in hornor of Halloween. We sold a few books, nothing crazy. Our time slot was early, and cold, but we were happy with how it went.

The next event was the one that would propel the book into the Amazon charts.

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