Monday, March 4, 2013

Cover Reveal for our 2013 Poetry Winner Seven Times to Leave

We're deep into March, which means it's almost time for the release of our newest poetry prize winner!

This year, poet Jeannette Angell won the Mary Ballard Poetry Prize, judged by renowned poet and professor Fred Marchant.

We are pleased to reveal the cover to Angell's new chapbook, Seven Times to Leave.

Isn't it a beauty?

Angell's poetry focuses on the subject of domestic violence. Here is an excerpt of one of her poems:

He had been so perfect.
Your rebellion was small, a donation here, a token purchase
there, you were testing the
waters, seeing how far you could go. He showed you, and left
you bruised and crying on a floor that someone could eat off
of. While I, the
wild-child, the feminist, the one who could never quite put
her world together -- I became your refuge, and took you to
dinner at a place neither of us could
afford, just to show you we could


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