Saturday, August 30, 2014

Announcing the Semi Finalists to the Mary Ballard Poetry Prize for 2015

We are excited to narrow our field of contenders for the contest to these semi-finalists.

Semi-finalists, keep your simultaneous submissions active, but let us know immediately if you need to withdraw. Three finalists will be selected in September, and we need to be certain these three poets are available to accept their publishing contract upon winning.

Congratulations, poets.

A Wider Sky of Profound ~ Gina Marie Mammano
Anatomie of the World ~ Annie Dawid
apostle songs ~ Carly Joy Miller
Boomerang Girl ~ Caitlin Johnson
Both Wave and Particle ~ Rafael S.W.
Children Born on the Wrong Side of the River ~ Sarah McCartt-Jackson
Dead Skin and Salt Water ~ Amanda Silberling
Donating Organs in Boxes ~ David Walker
Escaping the Nursing Home & Other Cleansings ~ Amanda Fuller
Everything But the Sky ~ Meg Tuite/David Tomaloff
Falling and Flying ~ Julia Hones
Forget-Me-Nots ~ Heather M. Browne
Hanging Tight Aboard the Stella Irene ~ Sandy Hiortdahl
Heart of Wisdom ~ Jacqueline Seewald
How to Write Water ~ Amanda Linsmeier
Islands where egrets wade ~ Monika John
Letters in the Margins ~ Alina Stefanescu Coryell
Letters to Sneha ~ Souradeep Roy
Love and Sorrow ~ B.J. Buckley
love poems for various places, people, and things. ~ Katharine Gripp
Loving the Pyromaniac ~ Louise Fabiani
Misplaced Bookmarks ~ Winston Mayo
My Father's Bargain ~ Jessica Cuello
Necessary Work ~ Nicole Rollender
No Roadmap, No Brakes ~ Madeleine Beckman
PA ~ Peggy Trojan
Past the Narrows ~ Mark Mansfield
Patchwork ~ Stephanie Lee Evans
Precise as a Cloud ~ June Blumenson
Remarkable Shadows ~ Margaret Rozga
Scavenger Hunt ~ Sara Backer
Sipping Sweet Memories from a Cup of Childhood ~ Verna Jean Mitchell
Soul Thoughts ~ Celestial K.
Stanhope ~ Bud R. Berkich
Stay ~ Melissa Jackson
Sunrise to Moonlight Pantoums ~ Joan Canby
Take Wing ~ David Allen Sullivan
The Blue of Touching ~ Gail Ghai
The Coming and The Going ~ Eva Garcia-Mayers
The Consolation of Roses ~ Judith Waller Carroll
The Distance We Become ~ Bob Putnam
The Edge of the Light ~ Peter Blueberry
The Unbroken Child ~ Nicole Matos
The Valley Gives Up Its Light First ~ Paul Weidknecht
This Is The Photo ~ Eva Schlesinger
Through My Wayfarers ~ E.P. Groves
Tricks of Light ~ Issa M. Lewis
Underneath My D.C. Memories ~ Betty Lipton
WakeBreatheMove ~ Christina M. Rau
War Stories ~ Paul David Adkins
Whispering Sorrows ~ Fabiyas M V
Wings Of Phoenix ~ Neha Rautela

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  1. I was exhilarated to find my name in the list . Congratulations to all selected poets.