Monday, January 12, 2015

My Big Brother's Birthday is here -- in hardcover!

Something we'd wanted to do for a long time was to introduce some of our early works in hardcover editions. Today, we released one of our treasured titles: My Big Brother's Birthday by John J Asher.

Barnes & Noble
iBooks version

The book has always been available in electronic form, but for this release, we are introducing a new Kindle version made especially for tablets! It has pop up text and all the features you'd expect from a modern children's title.

Here's a little more about the book:

Why can't it be MY birthday?

Little brother is sure everyone at the big-kid birthday party will push him out of the way and gobble up all the treats. If only it were HIS birthday instead!

But just when he can't feel any worse, an unexpected turn means that his big brother's birthday just might end up being the best day of all!

Written and illustrated by long-time children's artist John J. Asher, My Big Brother's Birthday is the perfect reading for younger children who may be feeling left out on a sibling's big day.

Purchase the hardcover and get the ebook for free through Kindle's Matchbook program. You can read this book both traditionally and on the go!

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